Leading Audacious Change

The Angelica Lips Da Cruz Conversation 4/5 at systemic level: economy & society

November 19, 2021 Marcus Druen
Leading Audacious Change
The Angelica Lips Da Cruz Conversation 4/5 at systemic level: economy & society
Show Notes

Part 4/5 of my epic conversation with  Angelica Lips da Cruz. Angelica comes from Brasil and lives in Stockholm. She is an ex-banker turned entrepreneur with a focus on changing the financial services system towards regeneration.

Angelica is the Founder and CEO of Innorbis and ALDC Partnership, which accelerates the world's transition to sustainable finance, advanced technology and long lasting multi-stakeholder business strategy in a rapidly changing market with the ambition to distribute wealth.

Angelica has been named twice in the 2021 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards: 'Best CEO in the Sustainability / ESG Systems Industry' & 'Tech Entrepreneur of the Year in Sweden. She is a visionary thinker, mathematician by training, and speaks seven languages. Above all, Angelica has a big heart and her integrity radiates to wherever you'll listen from.

You will learn about in this episode:

·   Angelica’s view of the whole economic system, and how she wants to change the status quo with blockchain and other decentralised tools and technologies

·      the ole of central banks

·      Our shared view that the system is rigged in favour of big banks

·      The role of politicians and entrepreneurs in financial systems

·      the imperative of trust in the current system to keep it alive

·      why trustless systems like blockchain might solve some of our biggest problems

·      wage slaves versus passive income owners

·      my quest to save enough to retire before I die

·      my experience with two cryptocurrencies on either end of the spectrum libertarianism versus regeneration

·      Angelica’s experience with SEEDS, a token for a regenerative financial system

·      Owning your financial assets versus not owning them, even if you think you do

·      Creating a new, transparent, financial system, decentralisation, blockchain

·      What a DAO is and why we consider this new organisational form revolutionary

·      Why shareholder value was the end of corporate purpose – other than making money