Leading Audacious Change

The Angelica Lips Da Cruz Conversation 2/5 at systemic level: team

October 31, 2021 Marcus Druen
Leading Audacious Change
The Angelica Lips Da Cruz Conversation 2/5 at systemic level: team
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Part 2/5 of my epic conversation with  Angelica Lips da Cruz. Angelica comes from Brasil and lives in Stockholm. She is an ex-banker turned entrepreneur with a focus on changing the financial services system towards regeneration.

Angelica is the Founder and CEO of Innorbis and ALDC Partnership, which accelerates the world's transition to sustainable finance, advanced technology and long lasting multi-stakeholder business strategy in a rapidly changing market with the ambition to distribute wealth.

Angelica has been named twice in the 2021 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards: 'Best CEO in the Sustainability / ESG Systems Industry' & 'Tech Entrepreneur of the Year in Sweden. She is a visionary thinker, mathematician by training, and speaks seven languages. Above all, Angelica has a big heart and her integrity radiates to wherever you'll listen from.

You will learn about in this episode: 

·      her social circles Stockholm

·      what it took to expnad her network and co-evolve with others 

·      the tribes and tribulations as a pioneer in the field of ESG

·      first followers early days

·      how Angelica engages and inspired people

·      how does she find mission-aligned people

·      why she is not keen for Innorbis to become a unicorn

·      how she responds to when people stand up to her

·      how her team switches from fun to focus

Her company:

Angelica on Linkedin:

Angelica's opening statement, podcast intro and my framing of this episode
Building atmosphere around Angelica from which Innorbis could have been founded
Green politics in Germany in the 1980s-90s and how Angelica shed her banking skins by changing social networks
Incentives, band-waggon jumpers and how Angelica filters for the right talent
What people Angelica looks for to complement her, diversity and what happens when people at Innorbis stand up to her
The culture and vibe around Angelica
My reflections of Angelica's statements at the level of teams
Outro and contact details