Leading Audacious Change

The Angelica Lips Da Cruz Conversation 1/5 at systemic level: self

October 25, 2021 Marcus Druen
Leading Audacious Change
The Angelica Lips Da Cruz Conversation 1/5 at systemic level: self
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Part 1/5 of my epic conversation with  Angelica Lips da Cruz. Angelica comes from Brasil and lives in Stockholm. She is an ex-banker turned entrepreneur with a focus on changing the financial services system towards regeneration.

Angelica is the Founder and CEO of Innorbis and ALDC Partnership, which accelerates the world's transition to sustainable finance, advanced technology and long lasting multi-stakeholder business strategy in a rapidly changing market with the ambition to distribute wealth.

Angelica has been named twice in the 2021 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards: 'Best CEO in the Sustainability / ESG Systems Industry' & 'Tech Entrepreneur of the Year in Sweden. She is a visionary thinker, mathematician by training, and speaks seven languages. Above all, Angelica has a big heart and her integrity radiates to wherever you'll listen from.

You will learn about: 

·      her personal purpose and mission

·      her journey from Brasil to Sweden

·      what she believed in 20 years ago when she started in banking

·      moments of truth that challenged her integrity

·      why the shift from banking to entrepreneur was inevitable

·      Angelica's POV on why current credit assessments are grossly incomplete

Her company:

Angelica on Linkedin:

Angelica's opening statement, summary of her biography and framing of this conversation
Start of conversation: her journey from Brasil to Stockholm, her purpose and early career stations in Banking
Angelica's past beliefs and being a female extrovert Brasilian in her role as a seniorbanker in London in the early 2000s
Assimilating and complying whilst staying authentic to true self. Shifting from banking to entrepreneur.
Time to get real and to found Innorbis
My reflections of Angelica's story and POVs at the level of self. Plus some practical encouragement to integrate what you heard.
Outro with contact details