Leading Audacious Change

Moving through resistance - at the level of Teams & Groups - with Charlotte Fox Weber

May 14, 2021 Marcus Druen Season 3 Episode 2
Leading Audacious Change
Moving through resistance - at the level of Teams & Groups - with Charlotte Fox Weber
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In this episode I am speaking with Charlotte Fox-Weber. Charlotte is a Psychotherapist who practices with individuals and couples as well as with teams. She is the co-founder of Examined Life, a collective of therapists committed to innovation in the theory and practice of psychotherapy. Prior to that she was the founding head of psychotherapy at the school of Life, the iconic brand and platform founded by Alan de Botton, one of my favourite contemporary philosopher and writer.

 Charlotte did her psychotherapy training at the Tavistock & Portman Trust, the Institute of Psychoanalysis, WPF, and Regent’s University. 

 We explore typical patterns of resistance in teams, how to deal with diverse levels of awareness of people’s own resistance to change, the fear of failure and self doubt in teams and much more. Charlotte gives some practical advice to our podcast personas, Michael and Michaela, on how to move through resistance within the teams they are part of or are leading.

 You will hopefully also feel inspired to follow my Call to Action (CTA) – or homework if you like – which comes right after the conversation with Charlotte at the end of this episode (you can check the chapter notes in your app for precise time - if you need a re-listen to take notes).


Connect with Charlotte on LinkedIN

Her innovative Psychotherapy Practice

The School of Life

Alain de Botton (founder of The School of Life and one of my favourite living philosophers)

Charlotte's opening nugget plus my podcast, season and episode intros
Warm-up questions on leadership, audacity and bold personal transformations as well as people's struggles we know nothing about
Exploring the season topic: moving through resistance, the good and the bad about your ego and why women are still more stigmatised to have a 'big ego' then men
Resistance patterns in business leaders and entrepreneurs, inner critics
Resistance in teams, getting 'sucked' into a role, different roles at home vs work and how teams react to external change
Charlotte's tips for team leaders to move through resistance: surrender first, acknowledge difference, and how to solve conflicts of different values, interes between different team roles
How to solve different opinions and why especially men should sometimes just be present (and not react), plus her favourite 3-2-1 body scan exercise
Switching my role from team leader to team member, owning your own life, dealing with different levels of consciousness in teams (Spiral Dynamics)
Tips for team leaders to deal with extra challenging types: call it out and how to turn their resistance into an instrument
Rapid fire questions: how to deal with being stuck, why great facilitators can weigh in whilst holding their nerves
My call-to-action for you: how to deal with different (1) values (2) perspectives and (3) interests between you and others
Outlook next episode and Outro with contact details