Leading Audacious Change

Moving through resistance - at the level of Self - with Nikki Trott

April 29, 2021 Marcus Druen Season 3 Episode 1
Leading Audacious Change
Moving through resistance - at the level of Self - with Nikki Trott
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My guest today is Nikki Trott. Nikki is on a mission to help conscious entrepreneurs thrive with purpose & create more positive impact for themselves & the world.

 Nikki is the founder and CEO of Conscious Accelerator, which helps conscious entrepreneurs transform both mindset and strategy to unlock full potential, fulfilment and success. Her podcast, Going Conscious, explores new ways to live a more conscious life of fulfilment and freedom with entrepreneurs and academics. In her previous career she had a successful (yet eventually not very fulfilling career as an brand and marketing agency executive working with the who is who in the fashion industry – most likely you are wearing a piece of cloth from one of her previous clients right now.

 We explore resistance in all its depth and diversity: why we resist, what we resist, how it shows up in our minds and bodies. We discuss the impostor syndrome, our inner critics and the very different approaches of our egos and high-selfs in experiencing our existence. Nikki gives some practical advice to our established podcast personas, Michael and Michaela, on how to move through their inner resistance.


Nikki's hub

Nikki's conscious accelerator

Nikki's podcast

Nikki's meditation on intuition and purpose

Book: Sapiens, a brief history of human kind by Yuval Harari

Tara Brach and radical acceptance

Eckart Tolle and The Power of Now

Wim Hof for breathing methods

Michael Singer and The Surrender Experiment

Dr. Gabor Maté

Nikki's opening statement followed by podcast, season and episode intros
Warm up questions on leadership, audacity and bold choices in her life, letting go of past ideas and commitments
Exploring the season topic: moving through resistance, the power of words and language
What and why people really resist and and what's good about resistance, and the importance to listen to our bodies
Why purpose is good for profits yet why some businesses resist purpose and how to move through this
Nikki's personal resistance patterns and different pattern programming amongst corporate executives versus entrepreneurs
The drive for better and possible correlations with inner critics, plus widespread impostor syndromes in busines
Practical strategies for moving through inner resistance: start with acceptance and surrender - and listen to your 'signals' intuition, breath and body
Rapid fire questions and the importance of breathing, plus my reflection of my resistance when the line dropped during this episode
My call-to-action for you: sit with your resistance when negative emotions arise including specific instructions for daily practice and protocol
Outro with contact details