Leading Audacious Change

Wholeness - at the level of Planet Earth - with Stephen Reid

March 31, 2021 Marcus Druen Season 2 Episode 6
Leading Audacious Change
Wholeness - at the level of Planet Earth - with Stephen Reid
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In this episode I am speaking with Stephen Reid.

Stephen is currently a co-director of Dandelion Collective (the not-for-profit worker co-operative behind the Psychedelic Society, and a teacher of two open courses Tools for the Regenerative Renaissance and Introduction to Crypto & DeFi. Previously, he was the youngest ever board member of Greenpeace UK, he co-founded NEON New Economy Organisers Network and worked as a technology consultant for the Labour Party, the Living Wage Foundation and 350.org.

Stephen has an MPhys in Physics from the University of Oxford, where he specialised in quantum field theory, and an MRes in Complexity Sciences from the University of Bristol.

I felt like I was listening to a young sage from a better future. I am sure you will enjoy Stephen’s fascinating and multi-layered insights about Wholeness and in fact life itself at the Level of the entire planet – the fifth and last systemic level in this season.

You will hopefully also feel inspired to follow my Call to Action (CTA) which comes right after the conversation with Stephen at the end of this episode (you can check the chapter notes in your app for precise time - if you need a re-listen to take notes).

Change starts with you, in the here-and now. So start by starting

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Stephen's gold nugget opening statement plus podcast, season and episode intros
Warm-up questions about leadership, audacity and change
Stephen's views on wholeness starting with the help of the three marks of existence in Buddhist philosophy. Plus, the wonder of life itself
The finite game most mainstream business people play, and why and how to change the rules of this game; to outcompete capitalism
Stephen's involvement in Extinction Rebellion - and why we need to think of what we leave for our children behind
The need to transcend Newtonian Physics to create politics of wholeness, plus the humbling impact of COVID and global wildfires
Scarcity versus abundance. Connection to self, others and the mysterial can be abundant
Psychedelics: medical versus recreational use. Plus, why our podcast personas Michael and Michaela (and we all) might become better leaders by taking them
Steven's leading involvement in the Regenerative Renaissance - and the role of cryptocurrencies & Decentralised Finance in this as a global Operating System outside the existing nation state system
Loomio SaaS to make decentralised decisions build by Enspiral and why so-called Teal Organistions are bullshit without new ownership structures
Wha LOVE is Stephen's guiding force and his billboard message
Marcus's reflections and Call-to-Action for you: google "When wolves change rivers" and ponder on today's breakthrough question: "What could I do now that feels both deeply personal and highly universal?"