Leading Audacious Change

Wholeness - at the Level of Self - with Martina Weifenbach

January 27, 2021 Marcus Druen Season 2 Episode 2
Leading Audacious Change
Wholeness - at the Level of Self - with Martina Weifenbach
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My guest today is Dr. Martina Weifenbach. Martina is CEO and co-founder of myndways, a training and on-line academy for the super-powers of the digital age including resilience, empathy, and creativity.

 She holds a PhD in Business Innovation from University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Martina has published a practical guidebook about Mindfulness and Innovation and her own podcast is called LebensliebeLove Mindfulness. And she is a Yoga Teacher as well.

 What makes Martina special is that she combines her love-filled energy with hard academic rigor. Let’s take a deep breath and listen to Wholeness at the Level of the Self (our first systemic level in this season).

You will hopefully also feel inspired to follow my Call to Action (CTA) which comes right after the conversation with Martina at the end of this episode (you can check the chapter notes in your app for precise time - if you need a re-listen to take notes).

Change starts with you, in the here-and now. So start by starting

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Show notes

Links to Martina's exciting ventures and key topics, tools and approaches we discussed

Martina's socials


Martina's personal website with link to her podcast Lebensliebe

Martina's training & online academy

Martina's book on mindfulness and innovation published by Springer Gabler

Yin & Yang (neat article by Rachel Deason and Tedx Talk by John Bellaimey)

Hatha Yoga (overview of different styles)

Meditation (open meditation sessions online)

Frederik Laloux - Re-inventing Organisations (book)

Check-in (questions at beginning of meetings or encounters)
http://www.thecircleway.net/articles/2016/12/27/questions-for-check-ins (incl. set-up advice)
https://museumhack.com/list-icebreakers-questions/ (more ice-breakers for workshops etc.)

Energy Management
https://theenergyproject.com and the seminal HBR article https://hbr.org/2007/10/manage-your-energy-not-your-time

Martina' wisdom on yin and yang energy
Heads-up next episode and outro with links on how to reach me
Heads-up next episode and outro with links on how to reach me
Intros to podcast, season and episode
Interview starts with reflections on the term audacity and some personal stories of Martina leading change in her life
Exploring the topic of wholeness and why this is important in the business world incl. a nod to Frederik Laloux's book "Re-inventing organizations"
Wholeness is a process, not an end state or a destination
Balancing male and female energy at work in organisations designed largely by men and for men
Deep dive into yin and yang energy and how Marcus brings yin energy out in (all male) leadership teams
Introduction of our two amalgamated personas 'Michael' and 'Michaela' and how they can really apply wholeness as leaders, starting with tipps for 'Michael' on how to process his emotions at work
Tips for 'Michaela' to get to next level of self-disclosure in herself and her team, and how to use specific introspective processes
Exploring your own calling and learning journey: advice for 'Michael', starting with energy management, finding companions
"Maps of Meaning", the importance of connect minds and hearts; Marcus disclosing how he found this connection, Martina explaining why being yourself can actually easy
How 'Michaela' can bring wholeness into more everyday situations; making space for your intuition to emerge through journalling, walks, breaks and hand-washing
Honesty about your capacity commitment to work: how 'Michael' - and in fact everyone - can square the circle between external demands and inner needs, to create those new Teal Organisations
Advice for 'Michaela' that sometimes "less is more" and approaches to manage her energy through the day, and different expectations on men and women
How Martina balances her yin & yang energy (not perfectly...) and how to be kinder to our egos
Martina's billboard message to us all
Marcus' Call-to-Action for you: (1) press pause button, (2) create yin energy, (3) get a meditation app
Heads-up next episode and outro with links on how to reach me