Leading Audacious Change

Money, the corporate rat race, and the rise of intrapreneurs and employee activism

October 27, 2020 Marcus Druen Episode 8
Leading Audacious Change
Money, the corporate rat race, and the rise of intrapreneurs and employee activism
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Micro bio of today's guest:

Gib is the founder of the Craigberoch business decelerator - yes, a decelerator, not another accelerator which is what the world needs after the big corona induced reset of 2020.

What you will learn in this episode:

As Gib will tell you this decelerator, which takes place virtually at the moment and on the Island of Bute when social distancing restrictions are lifted, is what wants to emerge, even if he goes bankrupt in the process of it.
Yes, we talk about money, personal purpose of occasion, the rise of a new generation of intrapreneurs and employee activists, the corporate rat race and how to get out of it.

Whilst we didn't intentionally discuss his 2018 book The Intrapreneur: Confessions of a Corporate Insurgent, certain tenets like the emergence of a 4th sector do provide a helpful container for our conversation.

Looking back on this recording, which took place in August 2020, I now realize how dualistic my thinking often is.
So, thanks Gib for the challenge.

We talk about former corporate lifestyles, how much money one needs, and how we were lucky enough to use the lockdown to slow further down and to do more Yoga, more meditation and I'd like just to say that I'm aware that not everyone is in such a safe and choice creating situation.

I come back to this point at the end of this episode.

Linklist for this episode:

Gib’s website: https://gibbulloch.com

 Gib’s monthly blog, subscription highly recommended: https://gibbulloch.com/blog/

 Gib’s 2018 Book, The Intrapreneur – Confessions of a Corporate Insurgent: https://tinyurl.com/y55p2o56

 Gib’s timely and much needed latest venture, The Decelerator: https://craigberoch.org

 Accenture Development Partnership: https://www.accenture.com/_acnmedia/PDF-62/Accenture-ADP-Overview-Brochure.pdf

Information about Microsoft’s JEDI Contract with the US Defense ministry: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/11/04/microsoft-ceo-nadella-stands-by-jedi-contract-win.html which contains other useful links to open letters and petitions of other tech titans including Google and Salesforce, some of which – contrary to the ending of this employee activism story – resulted in the cancellation of a contract.

Ma – Japanese concept of negative space/time, brilliant Medium article: https://tinyurl.com/y56m4q27

Information about the “4th Sector” Gib is passionate about: https://www.fourthsector.net and https://www.fourthsector.org/what-is-the-fourth-sector

Peter Koenig, the money expert Gib mentioned: https://peterkoenig.typepad.com

Gib's Soundbite upfront
Podcast Intro
Episode Intro with a short bio of Gib Bulloch and a brief outlook on the content of this episode
Marcus and Gib exchange their thoughts on the meaning of "normal" and whether there is even a "normal"
The first lockdown has been challenging for many people. Gib gives an inside on how he has experienced the time and what he liked in times of the "old normal". Coincidentally, during that time, Gib has already started the Decelerator project
Marcus and Gib talk about the impact the lockdown had on their lives and what they have done differently since then. Additionally, Gib explains his motivation for writing his book called "The Intrapreneur: Confessions of a Corporate Insurgent"
The rat race many people are in because they chase money their entire life, particularly CEOs of big companies who mainly focus on delivering numbers. On top, Gib provides a real-life story of the rise of intrapreneurs and employee activism
Marcus and Gib sharing their opinions on the theme of capitalism and the conscious capitalist
Gib describes the marketplace of outcomes on the example of education and what could be done for children in the developing world to provide access to education
Another field Gib is passionate about: the 4th sector. From his point of view, and that is what his decelerator project is about, change starts within ourselves. One has to change his attitude, to change the business and the world
Marcus describes the changes he has made on a personal level and how it "updated" his inner software to a more authentic person
A comparison of managers of publicly traded companies who are under enormous pressure to perform all the time and the self-employed who have the freedom to find their purpose and do what they are good at
The Peter Koenig money system. Peter Koenig is a British money expert who examined the relationship between attitudes towards money and the vitality of people and organizations
The development history of the decelerator project and what it looks like
At the end of this episode, Gib has some advice for everyone. Whether manager in a large company or a self-employed person
Marcus reflecting on the episode and a call-to-action