Leading Audacious Change

Why funding more non-white entrepreneurs will lead to more economic growth and equality

June 20, 2020 Marcus Druen in conversation with Erika Brodnock Episode 4
Leading Audacious Change
Why funding more non-white entrepreneurs will lead to more economic growth and equality
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Micro bio of my guest today:

Erika Brodnock is a serial tech entrepreneur from London, and currently the CEO of Kami, a digital companion for parents throughout their parenting journey. She is also part of the core team at Extend Ventures, which aims to democratise access to Venture Capital, especially for entrepreneurs and talent from disadvantaged communities. She is a visiting research fellow at King’s College and will start her PhD at University College London in September this year. Hence, Erika is a top dog in both hands-on problem-solving and academic rigour.

What you will hear and learn in this episode:

In this episode Erika makes the compelling case to invest more into diverse communities and talent from disadvantaged minorities, especially after COVID-19 – not just because it’s morally the right thing to do, but also because this would lead to more economic growth – and higher returns to investors.

Some context for this interview and conversation:

Erika and I go back seven years, when I experienced her as Erika a force of nature during my time at Wayra, Telefonica’s start-up accelerator. The timing of our conversation couldn’t have been any more relevant, as we discuss black lives matter, white male privilege and unsconscious bias – all from a business perspective. You will notice how I unintentionally reveal my own blindspots with regards to these matters…and that’s ok…because change can only ever start with yourself, and in the here-and-now. Therefore, I am glad that Erika called me out, because I don’t want to go back to that kind of normal.

And that’s one of my main intents to do this podcast: to have important conversations that move us forwards, because conversation is the only tool we have to create a new and better normal. My aim is to give people a mixture of confidence and hope for the future paired with some vulnerability and humility. I transformed myself a tiny bit in the process of producing this episode with Erika. I hope that the result you are about to listen helps you find your own micro-shifts on your journey to a better version of yourself.



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My intro of this episode's guest: Erika Brodnock
Episode begin's with how both met and where Erika deploys her energies professionally today
How Erika has been experiencing the COVID-19 lockdown, how she feels about Black Lives Matter right now - and how Marcus feels about what's happening
NOT BACK TO NORMAL: Erika explains the discrimination she has been subjected to throughout her life as a black woman - and WHY we have to explore intersectionality as part of the NEW NORMAL
Erika's call to get out of our 'influencing bubbles' especially during times of lockdow, why Marcus's chest felt tight listening to this, and what her research reveals about inequality & why investing more in diverse founders will solve social problems
The two scripts of history around wealth & poverty, Erika's uncovering of Marcus's BLINDSPOT, her POV on power structures & the purpose of Extend Ventures
The importance of educating our kids to create a better world, and why this starts with parents' behaviour
The need for META-LEARNING and how its power has showed in Marcus son's life, plus why he hardly consumes mainstream media
How Erika has discovered she actually is an introvert and the postive and negative insights lockdown has revealed to her...
...specifically: Erika on racial discrimination, negative unintended consequences of political correctness and unconscious bias - and a LEAD DOMINO to create a new normal & the need for 'tick boxing' & making it easy for people to change behaviour
EPISODE GOLDDUST: Why we need more genuine investment into historically disadvantaged communities & her uncovering of another BLINDSPOT in Marcus's thinking & their deconstruction of this from an economic perspective
The quest for the first 'black unicorn' (start-up with a $1bn+ valuation)
How to connect with Erika Brodnock